Luxury Yacht Magenta M uses shipznet high speed 4G/LTE solution

Luxury Yacht Magenta M uses shipznet high speed 4G/LTE solution

Interview with Mr. Kleanthis Hadjisoteriou, General Manager F&S Marinas

Mr. Hadjisoteriou, you searched for a 4G mobile network solution and came across shipznet. What were the reasons for selecting shipznet?

In order to offer our demanding guests on board super fast and stable internet, we were looking for a suitable solution for near shore coverage. There are a few solutions on the market, but they did not deliver what they promised and therefore didn’t meet our very high requirements. We used another solution in parallel for a while, but shipznet RA300 has come on top in the end.

Which are the the main advantages?

The antenna and router are “made in Germany” and specially developed for maritime usage. The high range antenna with up to 60km ship to shore and the extremely fast router – it can reach up to 300 Mbit/sec, correspond exactly to our requirements. Sure it should always be further, faster and higher, but with shipznet we have a state-of-the-art product that also works reliably.

Are you using your own SIM cards or data packages offered by shipznet?

The router has, compared to other products on the market, 6 SIM slots for our own SIM cards. Especially the possibility to use 6 own SIM cards with extremely large data volume makes our guests happy. There is an additional support package from shipznet and we are really very satisfied with this. By using their embedded SIM card in the antenna we can get support whenever necessary and possible. Even if our own SIMs have some trouble and don’t go online, they can diagnose and, if necessary, adjust settings directly from their headquarters using the built-in SIM. In an emergency, the hardware can also be easily replaced without much discussion using their anual support services.

How does the antenna fit in the appearance of the yacht?

The size of the antenna and the design was quite important for us and the extremely small antenna radome fits very well into the overall appearence of the luxury yacht; no visual interference that is common with many other products. shipznet is small and extremely easy to install.

Thank you for this interview, Mr. Hadjisoteriou.

Mr. Kleanthis Hadjisoteriou operates since more than 8 years as the Managing Director of F&S Marinas in Limassol, Cyprus. He is well known in the yacht market and comes along with a strong history of many years of experience in several management positions.MagentaM

KIN Marine: shipznet´s successful partner in Asia for more than 2 years

shipznet and KIN Marine, 2 years of innovation – together we design state-of-the-art products, especially for the Asian market. For us at shipznet, a successful partnership means listening to our partners in the regions, responding to their or their customers’ wishes and developing our products in line with market requirements. In this respect, the cooperation with KIN Marine has developed over time to be particularly productive and successful. KIN Marine is always close to the customer on site, knows exactly the needs, which we respond to and implement whenever possible.

“KIN Marine is a partner of choice for us, who always comes back to us with new ideas. Most recently, we developed a special shipznet solution, precisely tailored to the needs of KIN Marine, which allows customers to use their own SIM cards and, if necessary, to book data contingents with the help of an eSIM,” says Claudia Bobzin, Managing Director shipznet. “shipznet is the perfect companion for communications in marine , offshore and coastal usage. It combines the Vsat, FBB, Iridium with its inbuilt LTE solution and provides least cost routing and crew internet access all in a single simple reliable unit. KIN Marine is proud to be their partners and will continue to do so in the years to come” so Iman Ibrahim, CEO of KINKINMarine3 Marine.

Annoyed by travel restrictions? shipznet is your solution!

Currently service travels are limited or even impossible due to health concerns. By using shipznet RG 300, service experts can help remotely, even deep inside a ship and without travelling. And by the way, less flights reduce the CO2 footprint as well.

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4G/LTE – shipznet MC 300 goes prepaid – freedom of choice – Use your own SIM and if necessary flexible prepaid connectivity at comparable prices

Wentorf/ Hamburg, 5. February 2020 – shipznet, well-known for many years as the mobile broadband communication solution for the maritime industry, unites advantages of managed service and operator independency.

The new shipznet MC 300 solution makes it possible for the first time to use own SIM cards and additionally get a prepaid service independently and extremely flexible when required, without a long-term contract or unpredictable costs, absolutely demand-oriented. shipznet MC 300 perfectly extends satellite connectivity as an on-demand back-up in case of a failure, blockage or country-wide restrictions.

shipznet’s new service offers customers like shipping companies or mega yachts the greatest possible flexibility in ship to shore communication. The MC 300 hardware (radome antenna and router) works up to 60km off shore, allows speeds up to 300 Mbit/sec and has 6 SIM slots, that can be used with own SIM cards. In case new or temporary routes occur unexpectedly to countries, which are not covered or blacklisted by own SIM cards, the new shipznet MC 300 prepaid service comes into play.

shipznetgoesprepaidExtremely attractive data packages for countries of your choice set new standards of communication without any contract. If SIM cards are expired, purchase of SIM cards for the current country is difficult, if a SIM is blocked, stolen, lost or when data tariffs are used up, shipznet MC 300 is the first choice. Booking extra data packages in the desired areas according to requirements is absolutely easy. Choose the data volume, the necessary countries and pay per use. With shipznet MC 300 there is no need to seek for local prepaid card providers.

For merchant vessels or mega yachts, which are trading a lot in e.g. Europe or a handful Asian countries and rarely go to other destinations outside of a SIM card’s zone, the new shipznet MC 300 solution is especially suitable and 4G near-shore communication becomes flexible and has a very attractive price/performance ratio.

The shipznet support package SP 12 is the ideal add-on to the new shipznet MC 300. Firstly it extends the standard warranty period of one year by another 12 months. Secondly, it includes trouble shooting of quirky SIM cards or problems with operator settings. Further it enables hotspot functionality, free firmware updates and usage of shipznet web services (dashboard, device list, bandwidth monitoring, data usage).


  • shipznet MC 300 4G/LTE connectivity comes with active antenna
  • Insert up to 6 SIM cards for frequently visited countries
  • Choose any shipznet data packages for short-term, spontaneous use
  • Let mobile network connectivity problems be solved by our experts
  • Enjoy the freedom of choice

shipznet RA300 expands to Asia
Presented by KIN Marine at Inmex Vietnam 27.-29.3.19

Always simple, cost efficient, mobile broadband, that is shipznet. After the successful launch of shipznet RA 300 in Europe, the high quality equipment made in Germany for maritime deployments, becomes available in Asia. The newest member of the shipznet portfolio, a radome with outstanding antenna technology, based on 4G / LTE-A incl. router with a range up to 60km ship to shore, 300MBit / sec. and 6 SIM Slots, will be at this year’s Inmex Vietnam, from 27.-29. March 2019 presented by KIN Marine, Singapore Pavillion G17.


shipznet´s latest installation in Asia


newest 4G technology, coverage more than 45 km ship to shore, seamless roaming

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Summer Special



Get a real summer bargain – shipznet approved full managed LTE-A service is now available for remarkable low rates! Starting at 1GB world-wide package for just 89€ per month – including hardware and support.

Select out of 130 countries, different data-volumes and accessories for a tailored fit – build your own tariff.

Benefit from a product optimized for maritime deployments – made in Germany.

No roaming issues, no billing hassle with providers, no repairs or equipment administration. Prevent investments into capital assets by a contractual rental agreement – with just one monthly fee.

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It´s time to set a new course!

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The verity of GSM devices and services in the market is ample, but what are the differences? A key value which makes a difference is operating in maritime fields – it has and will always be difficult compared to many other work environments – shipznet is designed to be on board.

Seawater resistant hardware sets, paired with flexible options. Select out of 130 countries, different data-volumes and accessories for a tailored fit – build your own tariff.

No roaming issues, no billing difficulties with providers, no repairs or equipment administration. Prevent investments of capital assets through a contractual rental agreement for shipznet hardware, data package and support – with just one monthly fee.

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shipznet on a cruise

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Less latency and more flexibility are the key values provided by shipznet – cruising on the baltic sea, tested on ferries. Data hungry applications and services can be managed without worries. Traveling frequently in near shore areas creates the perfect environment for this 4G mobile broadband solution. With much lower rates and tremendous speed – shipznet mobile communication is far ahead compared to unreliable and cost intense satellite connections.

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