shipznet extends product portfolio with Kiber’s hands free remote guidance solution

shipznet extends product portfolio with Kiber’s hands free remote guidance solution

Industrial rugged, out-of-box solution for vessels remote service needs

The shipznet RG 300 remote guidance system provides high-speed mobile broadband service for vessels up to 60km ship to shore and 300 Mbit/sec. Now shipznet extends its remote guidance product with the Kiber 3 Kit as a out-of-box solution. The multi-feature wearable hands-free device empowering workforce. It is a rugged head-mounted device with a unique binocular visor. Designed to perform efficiently on the real needs of the service technicians onboard and remote experts on shore. By using this technology, interaction becomes fast, easy and safe. An additional advantage is the Kiber handcam with thermal imaging.

When working in the deepest areas of the ship, surrounded by thick steel and closed bulkheads people are always cut off from the Internet. Our well-proven long range Internet solution and the wearable hands-free head-mounted camera and screen are available in a hand carry case. It overcomes this isolation and allows a lot new use cases.

By using this rugged shipznet RG 300 + Kiber 3 Kit remote guidance solution, which is installed in minutes, service experts can help remotely without traveling.

And by the way, less flights reduce the CO2 footprint as well.


our new rugged head-mounted device for hands-free service remote service onboard

Connectivity helps service people in many cases:

  • Exchange photos or videos
  • View technical drawings
  • Retrieve spare part catalogs
  • No need to climb back to upper decks to send/receive emails
  • Instant Video conferencing with qualified staff
  • Saves a huge amount of time


  • Handy sized case
  • Rugged head-mounted device designed for industrial needs
  • Hands-free camera and screen
  • All-in-one solution
  • Out-of-box and plug & play
  • Special handcam with thermal imaging
  • Light-weighted
  • Intelligent hardware
  • Installed in just a few minutes
  • Efficient use on board
  • More flexibility