Now available: shipznet RG 300 plus – Remote Guidance Toolkit

Now available: shipznet RG 300 plus – Remote Guidance Toolkit

slider_rg300_plusComplete solution of hardware, software and connectivity

Wentorf/Hamburg, 21. June 2021: bobz GmbH adds the new Remote Guidance Toolkit to its product portfolio. This makes the shipznet RG 300 plus the first complete solution developed specifically for maritime use, consisting of hardware, software and connectivity. The various components have been put together in such a way that they complement each other in a meaningful way and offer the ideal conditions for remote use on board.

The shipznet all-in-one solution thus creates optimum conditions for hands-free working directly on site. This not only ensures a fast Internet connection at locations on vessels that were previously very difficult or impossible to reach. The new shipznet toolkit includes a voice-controlled device, the „Streamer“, which is worn over the head and ensures full freedom of movement. The „Streamer“ enables full situational awareness and a maximum performance to be maintained, making it faster, safer and smarter than a traditional tablet or smart glasses.

By using the „Streamer“, the remote teammate can virtually “look over the shoulder” of colleagues to support on-site work or enable it in the first place.

The shipznet combination of a powerful 4G/LTE antenna and the router up to 50m away, provides an excellent mobile internet connection all the way into the engine room, enabling bidirectional video transmission in perfect quality.

The software for the Streamer, especially developed by shipznet for the maritime industry, is very attractive for users, easy to learn and equipped with extensive functions for remote support.

By using spoken commands, the user can call a remote support team, change settings or mute the audio or video stream. The remote support team on the other end can share the screen, annotate the peers video or send text messages, if the speech communication is impossible due to noisy environments. The Web-based application can be used by multiple teams to support various customer groups or fleets of vessels and needs no installation on a laptop or PC. The hosting of the application is currently in Germany and other locations like Singapore are on the roadmap.

Many international service companies and shipping companies are already using the shipznet RG 300 Remote Guidance Connectivity solution. Due to positive feedback as well as suggestions from shipznet customers, the complete solution – shipznet RG 300 plus – Remote Guidance Toolkit is now available.


  • Handy sized case
  • Light-weighted
  • Intelligent hardware, 4G/LTE antenna and 300Mbit/sec. router with 6SIM slots
  • Installed in just a few minutes
  • excellent mobile internet connection down to the engine room, thus bidirectional video transmission in perfect quality possible
  • Streamer“ bidirectional sharing of videos, photos, or documents
  • Capture and record audio to complement visual control
  • Access to digital instructions
  • The ability to play training videos
  • Full control via the app with voice commands
  • Hands free
  • Efficient use on board with more flexibility
  • Secure data center and cloud storage
  • No software installation required on laptop or PC