Luxury Yacht Magenta M uses shipznet high speed 4G/LTE solution

Luxury Yacht Magenta M uses shipznet high speed 4G/LTE solution

Interview with Mr. Kleanthis Hadjisoteriou, General Manager F&S Marinas

Mr. Hadjisoteriou, you searched for a 4G mobile network solution and came across shipznet. What were the reasons for selecting shipznet?

In order to offer our demanding guests on board super fast and stable internet, we were looking for a suitable solution for near shore coverage. There are a few solutions on the market, but they did not deliver what they promised and therefore didn’t meet our very high requirements. We used another solution in parallel for a while, but shipznet RA300 has come on top in the end.

Which are the the main advantages?

The antenna and router are “made in Germany” and specially developed for maritime usage. The high range antenna with up to 60km ship to shore and the extremely fast router – it can reach up to 300 Mbit/sec, correspond exactly to our requirements. Sure it should always be further, faster and higher, but with shipznet we have a state-of-the-art product that also works reliably.

Are you using your own SIM cards or data packages offered by shipznet?

The router has, compared to other products on the market, 6 SIM slots for our own SIM cards. Especially the possibility to use 6 own SIM cards with extremely large data volume makes our guests happy. There is an additional support package from shipznet and we are really very satisfied with this. By using their embedded SIM card in the antenna we can get support whenever necessary and possible. Even if our own SIMs have some trouble and don’t go online, they can diagnose and, if necessary, adjust settings directly from their headquarters using the built-in SIM. In an emergency, the hardware can also be easily replaced without much discussion using their anual support services.

How does the antenna fit in the appearance of the yacht?

The size of the antenna and the design was quite important for us and the extremely small antenna radome fits very well into the overall appearence of the luxury yacht; no visual interference that is common with many other products. shipznet is small and extremely easy to install.

Thank you for this interview, Mr. Hadjisoteriou.

Mr. Kleanthis Hadjisoteriou operates since more than 8 years as the Managing Director of F&S Marinas in Limassol, Cyprus. He is well known in the yacht market and comes along with a strong history of many years of experience in several management positions.MagentaM