John T. Essberger chooses shipznet 3G solution

John T. Essberger chooses shipznet 3G solution

Reinbek near Hamburg, 17. December 2014: One of the very well known tanker vessels owner in Germany, John T. Essberger, has chosen shipznet as one of its maritime ship-shore communication solutions.

shipznet, a revolutionary development of bobz GmbH, is the only high speed mobile network service in merchant shipping, that offers a world-wide monthly flat rate near-shore and in harbors, without any additional roaming costs.

shipznet consists of a very small above-deck unit with two antennas and guarantees easy installation. The below-deck unit serves as router and as the the power supply for the above deck unit. shipznet complements either Fleetbroadband, regarding high volume costs, or Iridium, regarding low transfer rates.

John T. Essberger chose shipznet because of the company´s expertise on maritime communication and the attractive price for this solution.

However, shipznet is also an ideal stand alone solution. Especially the new feature “crew solution” makes shipznet interesting for shipping companies since offering the crew a better and especially less expensive way of communication.

“shipznet provides us a reliable communication service at a reasonable price and it is easy to install”, says Dierk Herrmann, Corporate SSHEQ Manager, John T. Essberger.“We are very proud, that such a well known shipping company as John T. Essberger has decided to use our innovative shipznet ” says Claudia Bobzin, Managing Director of bobz GmbH.

Demands of todays shipping industry for communication have increased immensely, but the infrastructure of communication has hardly adapted to these new demands within recent years. With shipznet, bobz GmbH creates a world-wide, very cost-effective solution for communication and supports shipping companies by reducing their communication costs.