Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement optimizes ship-to-shore with shipznet

Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement optimizes ship-to-shore with shipznet

Hamburg, 22. November 2013: From now on, shipping company Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement GmbH & Co.KG is deploying shipznet, a service from bobz GmbH located in Hamburg.

The first global mobile network solution for data transfer on vessels reduces expensive satellite costs and offers the crew more communication options.

shipznet is the unique and altogether new high speed mobile network for vessels that offers a worldwide flat rate of 5GB/month near shore and in the harbor without additional roaming costs.

For Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement it became clear, already after a short trial period, that by using shipznet for data transfer, remote management and email, satellite communication costs can be reduced effectively. Large amounts of non time-critical data can thus be transferred cost-effectively and conveniently. This newly created possibility to have access to the vessel-IT with shipznet, without incurring high satellite costs, helps for example to run software-updates or transfer updated electronic charts easily.

„By the implementation of shipznet we were able to further modernize our IT infrastructure onboard the vessels. The new solution supports the IT department, since the requirements for communication and data monitoring are increasing continually“, is Jacobus Varossieau, Operations Manager of Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement, convinced.

shipznet is composed of a very small above-deck unit with two antennas, guaranteeing an easy installation. The router of the below-deck unit carries out the electrical power supply.

shipznet serves to complement Fleetbroadband, due to high volume costs, or Iridium, due to the low transfer rate. However, shipznet is also ideal as a stand alone solution. Especially the new feature „crew solution“ makes shipznet interesting for ship-owning companies, because it offers better and particularly more reasonably priced communication options.

„By now, more than 600 users worldwide benefit from the shipznet crew solution and can easily access the internet or send emails to family and friends, when inshore“ Claudia Bobzin, Managing Director of bobz GmbH is pleased.

Requirements of todays shipping concerning communication have increased greatly.
But the communication infrastructure has hardly adapted to the new standards and requirements. With shipznet, bobz GmbH creates a world wide, highly cost-effective way of data communication and supports shipping companies in reducing their communication costs.