About shipznet

Increasing demands require new solutions

Demands on the operation of modern shipping are growing day by day. Extensive documentation on board vessels and the much higher administrative effort required of the captain intend that IT solutions increasingly need to be integrated into operations. Many software applications are not viable without a lower-cost communication solution.

Clever communication goes easy on the budget

shipznet is the first, completely new, high-speed mobile broadband service for vessels that can offer large contingent flat rate data tariffs anywhere in the world. No extra roaming costs in coastal waters or in harbors, without immense SATCOM costs. Our managed-service concept includes shipznet hardware, exchange-hardware, technical support, web-portal and an optional crew solution. shipznet can be installed with minimal effort and offers significant advantages for shipping companies and their crews. 4G is the evolution of the fourth generation in mobile communication, which is the key to tremendous data transfer speed. The 4G technology used by shipznet is named LTE-A (long term evolution-advanced) and establishes super fast connections to the mobile network. With up to 300Mbit/sec download and 50Mbit/sec upload speed, it performs like your DSL broadband at home. A newly developed, salt-water-resistant, robust radome antenna creates the link to the network. Equipped with two separate modems shipznet is capable of using a wide range of frequency bands to ensure stable connection. Benefit from extended coverage and raised performance developed and manufactured in Germany. shipznet gives you innovative technology and speed. From optimized data rates to rapid hardware installation, high tempo is our prime mover. A few simple steps is all it takes to setup shipznet conveniently and securely, leaving room for more important tasks on board.

shipznet means greater flexibility

Data-heavy applications such as software updates, ECDIS, remote maintenance and crew communication or even video conferencing can be used over a near-shore connection. This saves time and budget.

shipznet – better management

Communication is becoming an increasingly important component of on-board management. shipznet provides a comfortable web portal for easily controlling and administering changes to land and vessel settings and retrieving connection information or contract options.