Hardware Engineer

As our hardware engineer, we are looking for a good educated employee, who likes to learn more about by training on the job. You my work individually or as part of our team of designers and technicians. Evaluating existing computer systems, you use complex problem-solving skills to improve devices. Spending much of your time in studying devices in order to detect flaws and inconsistencies. Using your technical and applied mathematical skills for troubleshooting.


  • responsible for developmentĀ of all shipznet hardware and devices

  • updating systems by improving the components, layout and design of a device for increased efficiency.

  • design the most compact and cost-effective device possible

  • analyze existing systems to identify flaws or inefficiencies and use problem-solving skills, including both inductive and deductive reasoning, to make modifications that will increase functions of our hardware

  • based on careful calculations and advanced knowledge of electronics

  • develop new designs in the existing components

  • responsible for related aspects of computer production


  • BA/MS in computer engineering, computer science or electrical engineering

  • problem-solving and diplomacy

  • strong communication, teamwork and negotiation skills

  • know-how in requirement to build or oversee the production and assembly of an SMT prototype based on their recommendations for optimal results

  • knowledge of embedded systems including wireless connectivity

  • high-speed PCB layout